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Learning through case studies
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on March, 15
online webinars, meetings with experts, individual consultations
12 weeks
Course certificate and the possibility to get a certificate recognized by the State for extra fee
You can see the result even during the study process!
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About us
Synergy Academy is the first Academy in Ukraine, which trains and employs grant writers of different levels: from beginners to professionals. The study program is based on the grant writers', fundraisers' and business-coaches' background. You will be able to understand the donors' logic, to create a competitive strategy and to start your own project.

Our students win their first grants even during the study process!
we had 7 graduations since 2019 year
students successfully graduated from the Academy
persons passed our fundraising courses

983th $
our students have already attracted
Our speakers
Collective experience of all our speakers is 70+ years, and they will be happy to share it with you!
Svitlana Olieinikova

Expert in fundraising and development of social, cultural and business projects - 15 years of experience

$ 10 million of attracted grant funds
Dina Volynets
Analyst and strategist of social change

Certified coach, trainer, facilitator

Has an experience working with project management, civil society, community, business and humanitarian aid projects
Olexander Babiy

Expert in Entrepreneurship Support and Donor Coordination Programs of the SME Development Office

Has more than 12 years of experience in local development and business support
Alexander Vinnikov
Has 12 years of experience in civil society support projects in Ukraine (USAID, UNDP, SIDA, OSCE

National Expert on Charity Legal Regulation in Ukraine, European Council of Foundations and Indiana University (Global Philanthropy Environment Index)
Ilona Demchenko
Grant manager, specialist in the implementation of cultural and social projects

She heads grant programs for international cooperation and infrastructure at the House of Europe

10 years of work in the public sector, more than 5 years of cooperation with the Goethe-Institut

Bosko Nektarijevic
More than 15 years of experience working on EU funding schemes

Expert of programs for EU member states

Evaluator for IPA IV in Montenegro
Olga Slavina

Chief Social Project Unit Officer, Synergy Development Consulting

Ph.D. in Political Science

More than 10 years of experience in the field of political consulting. Specialization: political analysis and prediction, strategies for preventing political and reputational risks, implementation of international technical assistance projects in Ukraine

Iryna Shebitchenko
Chief business Project Unit Officer, Expert, Synergy Development Consulting

Expert in capacity building, foreign investment and fundraising

Has more than 10 years of experience in project preparation, management and monitoring in cooperation with international partners: EBRD, EU, USAID, GIZ, UNDP, CBC, NEFCO, SIDA

Julia Gernego
Expert, Synergy Development Consulting

PhD in Economics

Participant in seminars and workshops organized by the American House, the British Council, Erasmus + Office and the Central European Academy of Training and Certification

Areas of scientific and practical interests: financing of social investments, grant financing, creative economy, high-tech investments

Our partners
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Learning formats
At Synergy Academy you will be able to gain both knowledge from scratch and improve your skills and become one of the most successful grant writers in Ukraine.
Level A (newcomer)
This level suits you if you:
have written up to 5 grant applications
haven't won the grant
want to understand the basics of grant writing and fundraising
Level B (professional)
This level suits you if you:
have written more than 5 grant applications
have won at least 1 grant
want to improve your skills
Level C (expert)
This level suits you if you:
have already won a grant of $50,000 and more
fluent in English
want to enter the international market
Amalgamated territorial communities(ATC)
This level suits you if you:
ATC teams
Course registration form:

After the course the student has:
Certificate of its successful completion
Possibility to get a certificate recognized by the State
Opportunity to get a job in one of the best consulting companies in Ukraine
Student reviews
Victoria Kishchenko
My main goal at the Academy was to find finance for the shelter. The training was dynamic, interesting and understandable. The main result for me after completing the course was self-confidence. I recommend the course from Synergy Academy, as it gives rise to opportunities and prospects.
founder of an animal shelter
Tetiana Stroy
I came to the course because I wanted to systematize my experience with the help of fundraising experts, to clarify the approaches of creating application budgets, to find out what donors are guided by when considering proposals. During the training I really liked the understandable presentation of the material, everything is well structured. I would like to single out a session with Dina Volynets on budgeting. It is good that there were tasks after each module.
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After training, structured thoughts and knowledge help to present myself competently in negotiations with new partners, donors and attract them, we better do self-assessment of projects and results. We write better reports and better applications. We have more and more partners who value us for the clarity and quality of services provided. I recommend the course. Professionally, thoughtfully, well-selected experts for each module. Plus practice skills during homework. Effective. Maximum benefit for your development.
Executive Director of "Donetsk Press Club"
Kateryna Sanina
The main purpose of the course was the need to learn how to write grant applications. During the training, everything was clear and accessible to me. After completing the course, I got a lot of new acquaintances and the necessary knowledge. I recommend the Academy because everything was clear, understandable, and useful.

Bogdan Mykhalchuk
Community Manager at the Bohdan Havrylyshyn Family Foundation
I came to the Academy in order to gain knowledge and understanding of job opportunities in the grant market. The learning process was exciting, there was a lot of useful information, practical tasks. All together prompted the reproduction of all knowledge in life. The result of the training is two submitted grant applications.
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The benefits cannot be assessed in one sentence. I use all knowledge. I recommend the course because it combines theoretical and practical knowledge, experience, lecturer, which gives a full picture of the grant environment, which allows you to realistically assess the organization's ability to obtain funding.
Maria Lytvyn
Commercial Director at TM TWIST ATIK
Training in project management, as they say, "followed me" for 2 years. And finally, I found a company that suited me in the format of studying. But when the process began, I was pleasantly surprised. This is exactly the case, as marketers say - "give more than they expect from you"
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I had the impression that the speakers of Synergy Academy give their souls to all of us, future project managers. The material is very accessible for perception, deep analysis of the homework, and just warm human communication. I recommend it to everyone who aspires to acquire a profession that is already in demand in all areas of social life and business. Glad to be a part of Synergy Academy!
Anna Bondarchuk

"All-Ukrainian Agrarian Council", "Association of Milk Producers"
The knowledge helped a lot. As I was writing a real grant application in parallel with the course, the homework and comments of the experts helped to check the application and edit it. In addition, homework encouraged me to search
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and to get acquainted with additional materials on grantwriting, so I enriched my theoretical knowledge. The course helped to understand the logical algorithm for finding donors, writing grant applications. Based on the knowledge gained, I compiled my own checklist, which I will use in the future.
Svitlana Pogassiy
"Kids movie school"
They give the chance to pass all stages of the writing of application, stimulate not to postpone consolidation of the passed material.
Lesya Moskalenko
"Mandry veteranok"
My knowledge of receiving grant funds was structured, some myths were dispelled. I understood what the goal, goals, results are.
The problem I wanted to solve was to improve and systematize knowledge in the field of fundraising. My training consisted of three stages: a strategic fundraising session with co-workers; two-day training at Synergy Academy and further support and assistance.
During the course, I gained basic knowledge on the topic of fundraising.

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The most valuable thing was to process the material through creative and interesting methods. I am also happy to meet new people who have studied and opened fundraising opportunities with me. I use the knowledge gained in my work. I recommend the Academy. Professional trainers will help you gain basic knowledge about raising funds, sponsors, and partnerships.
Reitarska street, 19b
PE Svitlana Olieinikova
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