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(based on Synergy Academy materials as of 17.07.2019 р.)

Lifehacks from Svitlana Olieinikova

The modern society creates many challenges on the way to the goal. Successful start-up is not enough to realize a business idea or a social project idea. It is important to respond every change in stakeholders’ needs, to pay attention to potential competitors’ activity.

At the same time, our society also creates many additional opportunities. In particular, this concerns the possibility of attracting additional financial resources to implement the idea of a social or business project.

The participants of the second Synergy Academy have already learned the secrets of preparing a successful grant application. Moreover, they have developed their own plan to attract the sponsor. It is time to overcome the next mission, to raise funds on the crowdfunding platform.

The crowdfunding platform is an online platform for additional funding search. The main crowdfunding platform participants are backers, who provide investment for your project.

The main goal of fundraiser, who acts on crowdfunding platform, is to convince bakers with your project. Is it difficult enough? Svitlana Olieinikova offers her own lifehacks on the way to simplify your crowdfunding process.

  1. Think carefully about your crowdfunding project or idea.
  2. Prepare a good quality video in a language that is comfortable for your baker
  3. Prepare good quality photos.
  4. Manage your bonus system.
  5. Create a strong team and distribute roles, participating in a crowdfunding campaign.
  6. Create a project on a crowdfunding platform
  7. Follow the crowdfunding campaign.
  8. Fulfill all your obligations because of successful crowdfunding.

The fundraising process is endless and circular. Thereby, you should always search for more opportunities. Do not be afraid of something new and learn more.