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(based on the webinar PM²: the European Institutions choice for managing projects! as of 16.05.2019)

Do you know what percentage of the EU budget is spent on programs and funds? Maybe, you think that it is nearly 30%, 50% or 70%

We are not sure. This is already 94%! Is it possible to imagine?

You will ask us if the above-mentioned information is relevant. It is the webinar “PM²: the European Institutions choice for managing projects!”, which was managed by QRP International Belgium, one of the leaders in training and workshops on innovative project management practices. Synergy Development Consulting could not stay away from this event. The owner and CEO of Synergy Development Consulting Svitlana Olieinikova directly participates within the promotion actions of PM² in Ukraine.

Open PM² is a free version of the PM² methodology developed by the European Commission in 2007. Until the end of 2016, PM² methodology and certification was only available to EU institutions’ staff, with the OpenPM², the EU Commission decides to provide open access to the PM² Project Management Methodology beyond purely EU institutions and including Contractors, Member States and finally all EU citizens.

Briefly on the webinar messages:

  • PM² methodology was created in 2007 to decrease the economic, social and cultural diversity of IT project participants. However, this methodology was extended for the use within all European Commission projects, EU countries and other countries worldwide;
  • PM² is becoming more and more popular worldwide. Thus, this methodology is quite easy to use for everyone, including: experienced project manager, IT project manager, event organizer, scientist, etc. PM² is a methodology for everyone;
  • PM² is implemented within the project cycle, which structure looks like the cycle of receiving grant from EU funds. PM² also involves defining the mission and goals of the project, forecasting potential outcomes and benefits for the community, attracting funding, managing the project implementation and evaluating the achievement of the set goals.

The Synergy Development Consulting team agrees with the advice of European experts, namely: the sustainable work leads to success. European grants are getting closer to those who use the European project management methodology.

Do you need details?

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