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Traditionally, you think about the probability of application fall and risks of time losses, before you start writing your primary project or the following one. There is a tendency that people who create their business are rarely thinking about resources to ensure its constant prosperity. The innovative ideas will always find support! ...

However, there is often only fatigue and loss of confidence because of application process.

At the same time, before you get frustrated and say that grants are not for you, let us pay attention to the following points for further consideration:

  • You write your application “without thinking on your weight category.” It is unlikely that a newly established small volunteer team with no project experience will undertake a multi-thousand-plus project by the European Commission. By the way, there is the same problem, if large and already famous organizations try to apply for small projects grant on local initiatives. Thus, do not be surprised with negative result. It is possible that nobody has considered your application to provide this possibility for less experienced applicants.
  • Are you writing your application on the completely different topic than your organization goals? Have you considered the previous experience of your team? For instance, you supported nature for a couple of previous month, but now you are applying for laws lobbying. It is likely that your application will be rejected. It is better if the application subject is as close to your mission as possible.
  • You are writing on topic that is inappropriate to the current needs in society. However, this is rather controversial / "pragmatic" point. At the same time, you should always pay attention to the current trends in society. Think about your project influence on people lives.

All ideas are lively. You should not forget that each useful idea, including student scientific research and sea animal rescue, will find its sponsor. It is important to look for this sponsor properly.

Moreover, nowadays there is a wide range of grant opportunities online. At least, you are able to conduct the following things:

  • ensure that your organization or you remain in the properly legal field;
  • understand the "essence" of your idea and describe it on a couple of pages for yourself in such way that someone who does not know you and your ideas read and understand it. This is the basis for your application;
  • search for your possible partners online, do not be afraid of communication;
  • find an expert who can help you to write a project;
  • find about three donors that support your idea and submit them your application, considering the above-mentioned aspects.

I would summarize the following: grant applications are available for everyone.