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(based on Fundraising: Connecting with Donors course from Philanthropy University (lector Tom Wolf))

May be this sound like a surprise, but in the era of Internet widespread the art of communication is still more and more important. Surely, it is “the art of communication”. One important fact to approve this: the result depends not only on idea, but also on its presentation.

Fundraisers, who act in the modern world, do not stand aside from this tendency and are keenly trained in the art of communication. In addition, leading international donors put forward one more requirement: in addition to a well-designed application form, the applicant must also prepare a pitch. Thus, you will communicate directly with donor and you should do it in an appropriate way.

Here are some advices on effective communication with donors from Tom Wolf, a Philanthropy University fundraising expert.

1.Learn your donor and give yourself preliminary answers to the questions:

  • what actions will help your potential or existing donors feel heard and understood?
  • what behavior will convince your donors that you are a good listener?

2.Learn how to interact with the donor:

  • appreciate the importance of getting in touch with your donor;
  • pay attention to every donor word during the interview, be a good listener, it will help you to build a stable relations with donor;
  • pay attention to the donor advice.

3.Prepare to answer the questions about yourself and your activity:

  • what is the most fascinated for you?
  • what should be done to change the world?
  • what particular steps are you taking now to achieve your goal?

Donors are changing from time to time, but we are moving on. Be yourself!