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(Life hacks from Synergy Academy (social project) as of 29.05.2019)

If you would like to win a grant and enjoy ityou must write it and apply for the best donor for you. Unfortunately, it is rather widespread point of view.

However, if you have participated in the grant competition at least once, you know that the previous statements are wrong, because everything is much more complicated.

At the same time, you should not worry about it… The Synergy Academy (social project) experts know how to make complicated things clear and share their secrets with you.

Who is successful fundraiser and how does it act?

Svitlana Olieinikova is Synergy Academy Expert, Owner and CEO of Synergy Development Consulting. She opens the secrets of fundraising for you.

A successful fundraiser is not someone who has participated in the single competition. A successful fundraiser operates on a consistent and systematic basis, confidently pursuing the goals, including financial ones.

How does it act?

Firstly, a successful fundraiser builds an effective organizational strategy.

Secondly, he or she is able to determine the fundraising strategy.

Thirdly, a successful fundraiser never forgets to prepare quality grant applications. A successful fundraiser is able to work out a package of successful projects, appreciating the work of the grantee.

Then, a successful fundraiser is careful about potential donors search. Thus, it is extremely important for goals of the donor and the potential grantee to be the same.

A successful fundraiser also pays attention to quality communication and systematic work with sponsors. The project is not a single important thing for donor. The most important thing is the potential for further development.

A successful fundraiser is someone who is always looking for something new. It is an advocacy of alternative solutions. Therefore, there is a tendency to take advantage of additional resources such as crowdfunding. This means a great opportunity to test your project.

Is everything complex and difficult enough? … Do not worry. The main thing is to start, and we will help you with that.

Synergy Academy is a step towards successful fundraising. We believe that you are a successful fundraiser!