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(based on Synergy Academy materials as of 10.07.2019)

Sponsors are serious people. It is difficult to surprise them with something. However, you are able to fascinate them.

There is an important question about the way to do it. The participants of the seventh (interactive) Synergy Academy session learned and tried this on themselves.

1. Common goals and values

1.1. Review carefully all available sponsor information.

1.2. Think about their values. Do they match your goals?

1.3. If you were a sponsor, what would you like to hear and spend money?

1.4. Take care of additional arguments in favor of your idea (for instance: personal stories, life stories, experience, etc.)

2. The art of presentation

2.1. Your idea.

Find the right words to explain it.

2.2. Visual material.

Prepare a video, slides, presentation. Give the potential sponsor the opportunity to “feel” your idea, “to attend your event”.

2.3. Your behavior.

Surely. It is your language, your gestures, your confidence and your eyes. You should convince the sponsor.

3. The ability to pay attention to each detail

3.1. Please, check your proposal again before meeting with the sponsor.

3.2. Make clear your needs.

3.2. Be prepared for any type of event and be able to compromise.

Focus on your common values + Be confidence in yourself and your idea + Pay attention to each detail = Let us have a successful negotiation with sponsor.

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The main thing is to be yourself in every situation and never give up…