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Currently, young people are often thinking about the benefits of specialized courses and workshops, small business over traditional studying at universities.

What is the basis for these trends? There is a number of different reasons

Reason 1. Acceleration

Modern society faces the trends of young generation rapid development. Thus, in 2019 a six-year-old child is able to provide fully accessible information regarding the work of a laptop, phone or tablet. The vocabulary of a modern child is richer than the vocabulary of the same age child 30 years ago.

Our new generation is able to ask Google a voice questions or even type it in the search box. The same tendency is also appropriate for 17-year-olds, when the level of critical thinking and understanding of the world order is definitely higher than 10 years ago. Currently, even a new term "Younger" has emerged, namely the community of young boys and girls engaged in wholly "adult" activities: politics, economics, and education. 

Reason 2. Time

Time is money. A well-known phrase that has not lost its relevance for many years. Everyone, who know the way to count the time and compare it with expenses, is thinking in the following way: 5 years of studying at a university in Ukraine costs an average of 100 thousand UAH. There are additional costs for travel, meals, clothing, apartment… As a result, you get rather an appreciable amount! Isn't it critical? However, students often earn nothing during their studying years or prefer part-time jobs. Inflation also has a significant impact on real income levels. 

Reason 3. Freedom

If you agree to study at a university, there is no possibility to change it within a short timeframe. In case you have realized that you do not like your future profession after 3 years of studying, you have almost no possibility to change something. As a result, you waste your energy, money and time. Finally, such students continue their studies only in the hope of a quick graduation… As a result, only about 30 percent of graduates are employed in the first year after graduation and no more than 20% within the 3rd and 5th years.

Reason 4. Modern technologies

The Internet offers a significant number of educational opportunities. Surely, you will not learn how to become a doctor via online courses or workshops. ... However, even this is a controversial issue :) English? Programming? Art? No problems, many options. If you need a certification, it is not a problem no more, because after completing course you will receive it by mail.

Good luck!