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(based on Synergy Academy materials as of 26.06.2019)

It seems that everything has been done:

  1. The application is ready
  2. Budget is here
  3. The appendixes are fulfilled
  4. The supporting documents are in a separate folder.

However, you still think that you have forgotten something important.

The Synergy Academy expert, Dina Volynets, finds a solution for you. Let us prepare our own checklist:

1. Project relevance

Surely, your project is up to date. However, is it clear to other people? Blurred wording, lack of statistical evidence is a clear downside to success.

2. Logic and structure of the application

Everything is logical and understandable for you. However, different calls require a different approach to completing the application. If you do not mentioned something specific, you will fall.

3. The project purpose

You have created a project with a specific goal. However, is this goal related to the overall goals of the organization? Have you implemented anything similar before?

Is it a complicated question for you? Then, will you be able to implement the project.

4. Project budget

It is clear to you. However, why should you pay the salaries for two project assistants?

Is it possible to have only one assistant? There are no detailed explanations of each type of budget expenditures. Thus, the budget has not been finalized.

5. Project results

Your project will undoubtedly benefit the global community in 10 years. However, this is understandable only to you. The experts tend to evaluate clearly measured and realistic results. Think about the short term results.

6. Design

You have done everything correct, in the way you like it. However, different calls have different requirements for fonts and graphics.

Unclear inscription ... Is the donor expert ready to read it?

Conclusion: The grant application should not appeal to you. At the same time, the donor must like it.

Remain attentive and thoughtful…