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Only about 50 years ago, the most important decision a young person made was choosing and entering a university.

The education and future profession played a role of a personal ticket into the professional life and the world of stability. Furthermore, if the university is prestigious, then it is a ticket into the world of prosperity.

The knowledge, which a person had received at youth, created the way through the whole life, enabling to climb the career ladders or working at the single workplace for quite a long timeframe.

What has been changed? Precisely so: everything turned out in a different way

There is a possibility to observe a tendency of a tremendous increase within the labor market due to a number of professions that have been created just over the last twenty years. For instance, no one knew about the crypto currency, big data or block chain just 10 years ago. Currently, the ability to learn fast and constantly qualification improvements are the most important factors for professional success experience and knowledge, leaving behind the experience and basic knowledge. In particular, there is some statistical information that about half of the currently existing professions will lose their meaning already within the following 10-15 years. In addition, modern technology reduces the need for human labor. Automation and optimization make the main part of enterprise costs that is a huge investment in their further development

Modern technologies are an important part of each area of human life. For example, it seems to be just recently, when my dad was confidant in human exclusive ability to conduct heart surgery. However, currently, we observe such technologies that do it without human involvement. Finally, the robots have learned to analyze and make decisions.

What should we do? What is the plan for further action?

People may think in a rather different way about the tendencies within the current society. On the one hand, hundreds of people lose their jobs because programs or robots replace them. On the other hand, humans still set the vector and set the task. Finally, only people are able to write projects and say what to do. This opens an incredible range of opportunities for further development. However, there is a need for lifelong learning to achieve all this goals.

There are always some possibility. The main thing to find them is their understanding and the prominent reaction.

Good luck!