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(based on Fundraising strategies course materials from Philanthropy University (lector Tom Wolf))

Internet is an integral part of our lives for a long period. Therefore, it is not surprising to most people that the Internet and social media can help us to find additional funding.

However, there is still the following questions: “What does crowdfunding mean? How is it possible to succeed on a crowdfunding platform? "

A crowdfunding expert and GlobalGiving consultant Kavita Mathews, who joined Tom Wolf, will tell us the answer to above-mentioned questions and will help us to discover the secrets of successful crowdfunding.

Cavity Matthews started her speech with a personal story about the way of former successful commercial bank manager (her way) in charity industry. It is interesting that Cavita Matthews could not even imagine the ability of generating profits and developing social initiatives in case of charity.

Then, crowdfunding came to our lives ... A crowdfunding platform is a system that allows you the following activity:

✔ to combine the limited resources of many people to achieve one common goal;

✔ to obtain mentoring support;

✔ to find like-minded people and potential partners in different countries worldwide;

✔ to increase awareness of new technologies and fundraising opportunities.

How to succeed on a crowdfunding platform? - The main thing is to avoid common mistakes.

  1. Social media is not a guarantee of additional funding. However, successful advertising is a tool for increasing attention to your project, which significantly multiplies your chances of online success.
  2. Crowdfunding is about donations. No, crowdfunding is about goals and ways to achieve them. Remember these words, formulating your proposal! Do not ask, but prove the effectiveness of your project.
  3. Crowdfunding is about being lonely. No, because the crowd means a lot of people. Involve all your team members in the design and promotion of the project. Remember, the crowd is your power.
  4. Crowdfunding is based on principles other than traditional fundraising. This is false, because the principles of effective crowdfunding are still the same as fundraising core principles. You should convince potential donors that they could reach a common goal.

Remain convincing…