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(based on the Fundraising course of the Culture and Creativity Association)

The term “fundraising” is still relatively new in the daily vocabulary of some business representatives. However, both representatives of the traditional business industry and social and cultural startups founders face daily problems of financial resources and stable long-term cooperation with investor lack.

Tim Williams, the Head of the EU and Eastern Partnership Program of Culture and Creativity has provided the solution to above-mentioned problem. The expert represented his 20 years of experience in the cultural sector project management within the Fundraising course of the Culture and Creativity Association. Such practical course provides you a clear idea on successful fundraising, namely: where is it possible to start and how to finish it.

Step 1. Fundraising starts with an idea

  1. Explain your idea - what would you like to achieve.
  2. Evaluate your idea - assess the existing potential of your organization for implementing that idea.
  3. Contact your stockholders and colleagues. Ask them if your idea is the realistic one.
  4. Consider whether your idea can provide an appropriate progress that potential sponsors expect.

Step 2. How is it possible to attract the sponsor?

  1. You should be proactive, because the initiative is always rewarded.
  2. You should be realistic. Check your project budget. Some individual sponsors pay attention to the ratio of its size with the volume of previous organization turnover.
  3. You should be communicative, because an effective communication often solves everything.

Step 3. Who will support you? We are looking for potential sponsors

  1. Identify the criteria for potential sponsorship that is an appropriate for you:
  • geographical structure;
  • priority areas and projects for financing;
  • expected volumes and terms of financing;
  • the possibility to apply and the application deadline.
  1. Establish direct contacts with responsible person

Step 4. Follow the market trends and… continue fundraising

Are there any possibilities for further fundraising? ... You should decide yourself... The most important thing is to start

The whole cource is here: