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(based on Introduction to Fundraising course from Philanthropy University (lector Tom Wolf))

The topic of fundraising myths, which was highlighted in a number of our previous posts, is the issue of great interest for our friends and clients. We have received many comments, questions and requests for tips on the fundraising myths.

Thus, let us think about the fundraising myths together with Tom Wolf, a Philanthropy University fundraising expert.

  1. In fundraising one person gives and the other receives.
  2. False thought. Thus, donors are primarily interested in realizing their priorities with the help of the grant recipient.
  3. When you are making your case to a donor, statistics and facts are the single most compelling tools for persuasion.
  4. Surely, statistics plays an important role. However, donors pay attention to your interest in the problem, the desire to act.
  5. The core principles of fundraising do not apply when fundraising is done on the internet.
  6. The single difference is online operation.
  7. Fundraising is only about getting cash.
  8. It is not true, because besides cash for the project implementation you need material basis, labor, etc.
  9. A great fundraiser is an individual superstar who works alone.
  10. No. Indeed, many donors provide financing to partnerships.

Here are some recommendation of Tom Wolf to be successful fundraiser and to avoid myths:

  • Understand the truth behind several common fundraising myths;
  • Generate examples of donations other than cash that could benefit your organization;
  • Use your personal and organizational networks to identify potential donors;
  • Understand the importance of sharing a story that will compel donors to support your organization;
  • Begin to assemble an effective team of fundraisers.

Let us stay successful and trust the facts despite the myths!