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(based on Introduction to Fundraising course from Philanthropy University (lector Tom Wolf))

It is quite easy for a beginner to get lost in the great measure of information in the modern world of fundraising. There are many manifestations, principles and potential implications of fundraising.

At the same time, everyone has practical questions about the words to describe the idea to donors.

Tom Wolf, a Philanthropy University fundraising expert, conducts a brief excursion into «donor language».

  1. Charity. It is charity, and it introduces a whole constellation of terms that help us understand the fundraising universe.
  2. The mission. Donors need to feel confident that they are indeed supporting, helping organizations. We call this statement of purpose the mission statement. Ask yourself, what is it we do? Why do we do it? Where do we do it? And for whom? Look at the mission statement of other organizations.
  3. Restricted money. The unrestricted money that donors gave had no special conditions or requirements attached to it. The restricted money are funds that could only be used the way the donor specified.
  4. Challenge. Each your project and each grant is a challenge.
  5. Success. Each donor offers funding only in case of feeling your project success.

What should you do to be successful in the eyes of your donor? Here are some tips from Philanthropy University fundraising expert:

  • Master the words that donors and fundraisers use;
  • Understand the importance of having the proper legislative basis of your enterprise;
  • Pay attention of the way of funding and possible types of expenses ;
  • Determine whether your organization will be a good strategic fit for a potential donor.

Do not be afraid of changes and building your success.