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(based on Fundraising: Connecting with Donors course from Philanthropy University (lector Tom Wolf))

The rapid development of modern society creates change. Nowadays, it is often not enough for business and the social initiatives to have a grant only once. At the same time, constant financial support is rather important.

Individual donors are also looking for “their” grant recipients whose goals are most closely aligned with those of the donor.

There is a need to build a long-term relationship with donor.

There are some advice from Philanthropy University fundraising expert Tom Wolf.

  1. Learn your donor needs. Reduce anxiety within application process by knowing what to expect and how to prepare.
  2. Make the donor priorities a part of your mission. Incorporate your donor's interests into your approach to asking for donations
  3. Be grateful to your donor. Understand the importance of being grateful to your donors, because it will help you in future.

By the way, being grateful to your donor is worth even in case of loss. Remember that you gain valuable experience.

  1. Analyze all the facts and try to understand the reason of your application rejection.
  2. Treat disappointments constructively and correct mista
  3. Analyze the potential donors whose priorities are close to yours and include their goals in your strategic priorities.

Do not be afraid to ask for a donor, but just be grateful.