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(based on Human Capital Strategy course of Philanthropy University)

Nowadays, a large number of business practitioners and analysts have identified a successful business not with profitable business, but also with social one. Many donors pay their first attention to the quality and staffing of the project team. The current level of business profitability is the second criteria.

There is a need to develop a human capital management strategy.

To address this challenge, there is a possibility to be acquainted with Human Capital Strategy course materials from Philanthropy University.

The following aspect represent an action plan from Philanthropy University experts to develop the Human Capital Strategy.

1.Understand the importance of human capital for your enterprise scaling.

2.Manage four key mindsets for an effective human capital strategy development:

  • try to choose your effective human capital strategy together with your team;
  • a human capital strategy is not one size fits all;
  • development of a robust human capital system requires time, intention and consistency;
  • the human capital strategies will also need to grow in accordance with your organization growth.

3.Define your organizational values.

4.Take some steps to transform your organizational values into your organizational culture.

Appreciate your team and achieve success together.