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There are several stages of project applications elimination before the commission reads them.

1. Technical drop out

Application deadline.

The application should be sent in time. It will not be good to send it at the last second before the call deadline.

Design requirements.

Please read the application requirements carefully. Do not exceed the required number of pages.

Compliance of the project with the announced competition.

If you have questions about the goals and objectives of your project, it is useful to return to the competition name and its description to answer the questions if your task or purpose are related to them.

2. Reputation drop out

Blacklists exist.

In order not to get into them, you must be honest to donors, implementing your projects. It is important to submit all reports on time.

Create your reputation.

You should always remember that anything you do and say during your activity can become known to the donor.

Keep up-to-date information on your website and social network.

If the last activity in social network was 2 years ago, it doesn't look good enough

The relevance of what your organization does to what you submitted the project to.

If you have been an IT educator for 5 years, applying for a legislative lobbying grant looks out of place. If you dream of such activity, the smartest step would be to incorporate it into your organization's strategy and move gradually to this goal.

3. Essence drop out (technical and informational)

This is where the donors begin to read your application!

90 % of applications are submitted with unclear goals or objectives.

The purpose may not be training or product launch. The goal is the benefit that will remain after the training is over or the product is released.

Avoid any "water".

To make more does not mean better. Duplicate organization names and complex adverbs complicate the perception of the content you want to convey

The view from the side is very helpful.

Let your application be read by your colleague who did not write it.

4. Financial drop out

It is rather important to have an accountant in your team at the stage of application form writing. The accountant sees a complete picture of the state of art within organization's finances.

This will greatly helpful in budgeting.

Please read the budget requirements carefully.

There are very clear instructions that should not be interpreted in your own way. It’s important to know the percentage of the budget for fees, administrative services, transportation, etc. This will help you avoid difficulties both when creating tables and when implementing a project.

Match your prices to reality.

Check out the labor, equipment, etc. cost in your area / city / country. If you do not, then the person who will read your application will definitely know it.

Do not be afraid of tenders.

Do not forget about new technologies.

Sometimes an expert can connect to the Skype training or you can offer a webinar instead of an expensive training. It will save both money and energy, as the result of the project is important and what will remain after it. It is not the picturesque process of its realization.

Good luck!